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Coding & Robotics

Empower students to build critical STEM skills! This course features hands-on and activity-based training in Scratch/Block Coding and JavaScript where students bring their robots to life. Feel the buzz of energy, collaboration, and student enjoyment as students learn how to code in a way never before experienced in a computer science class.

Featured Engagement Activities

Each Nucleus course features engagement-optimized activities, including real-world simulations, real technology tools, and collaborative group activities in a gamified classroom setting. Our Coding & Robotics course is especially hands-on, as students work to bring real robots to life. Highlights of some of our engaging activities for the Coding & Robotics course include:

Joy Ride Activity

Students take off with their robots, using drive and draw functions to operate the robot with simple, but automated computer programs. Students have a blast getting their robots to key targets without hitting other objects.

Robogolf Simulation

Students will use their new block coding skills to play golf with their robot, making their robot perform more precise and predictable movements.

Boo! Robot Vampire Game

Students start using the boolean data type, creating a vampire program using the luminosity sensor and conditional logic.

Live Hackathon

Students will use everything they’ve learned to create a final program from scratch in small groups, then present their programs to their classmates.

RoboTrivia I & II

Students participate in our signature Nucleus trivia games to review and integrate everything they’ve learned, winning raffle tickets and points along the way.

Alien Invasion! Game

Students rush to lock the doors during an alien invasion before the countdown ends! In this activity students will use functions and loops in Javascript.

Reviews of the Nucleus Coding & Robotics Course


Course Overview

In this 26-module course, students will collaborate with classmates and have a blast all while learning key robotics and computer programming concepts and applying them hands-on with Scratch and Javascript. This highly interactive course is completed with durable Sphero robots.


The Coding & Robotics course includes three sections: Intro to Robotics & Block Coding, Advanced Block Coding, and Intro to Javascript.



Intro to Robotics & Block Coding

Students learn the essentials of robotics and take their robots out for their first spin, eventually using block coding to engage in numerous interactive games and activities. Topics included in this section include:


  • Fundamentals of Robotics

  • Robotics Career Opportunities

  • Beginner & Intermediate Block Coding

  • Overview of Hardware & Software

  • Writing Pseudocode

  • Basics of Debugging

  • Boolean Data Types



Advanced Block Coding & Game Design

In this section, students build on what they’ve learned and graduate to more advanced functions and concepts in block coding. Topics include:


  • Advanced Block Coding

  • Primary Data Types

  • Logical Operators

  • Variables

  • Loops

  • Program Nesting


Intro to Javascript

After effectively using block coding, students advance to Javascript, deepening their coding understanding and beginning to use Javascript code. Topics include:


  • Deciphering Javascript Syntax

  • Writing Javascript Code

  • Debugging in Javascript

  • Variables in Javascript 

  • Conditional Logic in Javascript

  • Logical Operators in Javascript

Aligns to State Standards, Meets Grant Objectives

Our course curriculum is aligned to state standards and meets grant objectives. To learn more, you can view our Coding & Robotics course syllabus.

Crosswalks available upon request. Contact us to receive one for your state.

Students love our Coding & Robotics videos — check out a sample!

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