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An easy-to-use and comprehensive curriculum that CTE teachers are excited to implement

School districts across the country rely on Nucleus to provide semester-long and year-long courses that can be taught either as ready-made lessons, or as enhancements to existing curricula. Ideal for CTE pathways, Nucleus' project-based courses are widely praised by students, teachers, and administrators.

Nucleus courses are perfect for school districts thanks to:

  • Comprehensive alignment to meet and exceed state standard requirements

  • Seamless integrations with Canvas, Schoology, Google, Clever, and more

  • Hands-on implementation assistance and responsive customer support

  • Easy-to-teach, modern, and engaging educational modules

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Aligns with state standards

Nucleus courses meet and exceed state standard requirements, and they also prepare students for state-approved, industry-based certification exams.

Each of Nucleus' modern, simple, and project-based modules is aligned to specific state requirements, so teachers know exactly what material they're covering. This gives teachers the flexibility to supplement the course materials as they like—while resting assured that the Nucleus curriculum has all of the necessary bases covered.

Summer Courses

Integrates with Canvas, Schoology, Google and Clever

The Nucleus Learning Management System—which students and teachers can easily access from web browsers on all of their devices—fully integrates with Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, and other popular LMS platforms. Nucleus can also sync with Single Sign-On (SSO) tools like Clever, ClassLink, and others.

This means that teachers and students can fully access the Nucleus curriculum without ever needing to leave their LMS. Classes are easy to set up, launch, and facilitate—creating a user-friendly experience and increasing implementation rates.


The Nucleus platform also houses all of the grading features and student data visibility that teachers need, as well as admin tools that enable administrators to gather necessary teacher and student data.


After School Enrichment
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The solution for sustainability
and teacher 

At Nucleus, we pride ourselves on being implementation experts. This means that we will get your teachers bought-in and excited about using Nucleus courses in their classrooms.

The Nucleus Team ensures implementation by tracking teacher progress, monitoring usage, and informing the district as needed if any licenses are going unused. And thanks to Nucleus' no-penalty teacher license transfer policy—and unlimited free training for short- or long-term substitutes and new teachers—every license purchased by the district gets put to great use. And because training is so quick and simple (just 1 hour to complete), you'll enjoy sustainability and uniformity across all of your schools.

Also, although it's often not needed due to the simplicity of the platform, the Nucleus Team provides human, responsive support for teachers and administrators.


This high level of implementation, training, and support allows teachers to feel more fulfilled in their jobs, excited to teach every day, and less likely to leave because of burnout.

Interactive modules that unlock teachers' full potential

Nucleus courses feature engaging and informative lesson videos, carefully curated vocabulary lists and review and discussion questions, and hands-on, software-based activities that empower students to "learn by doing" and build valuable life skills.


And while the Nucleus curriculum can be plug-and-play—with students learning at their own pace, asynchronously—each course is designed to be led and facilitated by a teacher in real-time, either in-person or remotely. This ensures that teachers remain actively involved in the learning process, and able to assist students and enhance their development.


Teachers don't need to have subject matter expertise in order to facilitate the modules, which eases the burden on educators and their departments. At the same time, Nucleus courses require no lesson planning, activity creation, setup, or breakdown. So teachers can do what they love ... and leave the rest to Nucleus.

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What teachers have to say ...

-- April Faieta, Glendale Unified School District


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