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Increase student engagement + enjoyment 

Engagement-optimized courses and tools that unlock the magic of a modern learning experience.

Create more aha! moments in the classroom

100% of educators surveyed rank student engagement and enjoyment as extremely important in the classroom, and yet 73% say levels are not as high as they would like. 

Student engagement and enjoyment are the keys to unlocking the magic of an effective learning experience, but many schools and districts haven’t yet discovered a solution that moves the needle in their classrooms.


Enter Nucleus. We’re a group of researchers, former educators, and entrepreneurs obsessed with optimizing courses, workshops and tools for what really matters - student engagement and enjoyment.


Here’s how we do it.

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Real-world simulations



Real technology

Collaborative group projects

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Interactive activities

Modern, attention-grabbing content

Why choose Nucleus for your school or district?

Spend less time planning, and more time connecting with students

Nucleus facilitates better student-teacher connection. With pre-built, highly engaging lessons, teachers who use Nucleus report that they have more time to focus on connecting, engaging with, and supporting their students.

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Modernize your classroom experience

Finally, digital curriculum built to spark in-person engagement. Meet the best of both worlds: modern digital content that keeps student attention, and hands-on activities and group projects that help them connect with each other.

Reduce teacher burnout and turnover

Nucleus frees up teachers’ time by offering robust curriculum and pre-made activities, simulations, and games that they otherwise would not have the time and resources to create. Save even more time with grading features and LMS integrations.

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97% of students surveyed say Nucleus is more engaging than other learning platforms.

Easiest learning platform to use, guaranteed

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1-hour staff onboarding & training

Concierge-level customer support

LMS & SIS integrations

Aligns to state standards

Most Popular Courses at Nucleus

Our flexible courses and workshops allow you to stop and start lessons at any time, based on the time you have. Students have the freedom to work through Nucleus in class or at home, perfect for times when they need to catch up from a missed class.

The Nucleus Difference

A learning experience unlike any other--built to drive successful student outcomes through the keys of engagement and enjoyment.

Real technology they’ll use in and out of the classroom

Our courses teach students how to use the real-life tools and technologies used in today’s world. Students use modern tools throughout our courses to do things like build a website, design marketing materials, conduct real estate research, and much more.


Real-world simulations for real-world success

We prepare students to succeed in today’s leading industries through simulations that replicate the modern, real world. Our courses provide students with hands-on experience in realistic simulators to learn things like filing their taxes, opening and using a bank account, and more.

Interactive activities and collaborative group projects

Our courses feature collaborative activities both on and off the screen. Each course completes with a robust capstone project, like our business pitch contest and hackathon. We encourage students to engage not just with what they’re learning, but with each other.


Gamification to spark enthusiastic participation

We leverage educational gamification techniques like rewards, leaderboards, point systems, and more. Watch students become enthusiastically engaged in virtual versions of their favorite games.

Modern, attention-grabbing content

Say hello to entertaining and modern videos, interactive modules, and robust learning features built to captivate students in a world of TikTok attention spans.


More than 50,000 5-Star Reviews

See the Nucleus engagement-optimized learning experience in action

Ready to increase your student engagement?

See Nucleus in action and explore whether it’s a fit for your program by chatting with one of our strategists and product specialists.

Free Engagement Resources

For school and district directors, teachers, and educators.


33 Actionable Insights to Increase Student Engagement and Enjoyment

As shared by 100 leading educators in new industry report. Download this free 15-page report today to access:


  • How leading educators envision the future of education

  • An in-depth description of the ideal learning experience

  • Key classroom drivers of positive student outcomes 

  • 33 ways to boost student engagement and enjoyment

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Stay on top of the latest in optimizing student engagement + enjoyment

Each month, you’ll receive the latest research, tools, and strategies that drive student engagement and enjoyment.


Join 1,000+ educators who want to create more aha! moments for their students through a modern learning experience.


School & District Learning & Development Series

Our team of education experts and researchers host a quarterly webinar series to help solve for key challenges in education and increase student engagement and enjoyment.

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