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Engagement-Optimized Courses, Workshops, and Tools

Unlock the magic of student engagement and enjoyment - the keys to successful student learning experiences and outcomes. Three out of four educators say their students aren’t as engaged as they’d like. So, we designed a more interactive and fun learning experience that 97% of students say is more engaging than other learning platforms.

How Nucleus Keeps Classroom Engagement High

We’re passionate about student engagement and enjoyment, so we’ve infused all of our courses, workshops, and tools with features designed to drive enthusiastic participation in the classroom.

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Real-world simulations



Real technology

Collaborative group projects

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Interactive activities

Modern, attention-grabbing content

Nucleus Solutions

Nucleus partners receive access to our entire suite of solutions - courses, workshops, and tools designed specifically for optimizing student engagement.

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Full-length and exploratory courses that go in-depth to meet your state standards and grant objectives.


Shorter, focused learning experiences that can be completed in fewer sessions and used supplementally.


Customizable and interactive teaching tools that can be paired with any content. 

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Learn more about our full-length and exploratory courses by clicking the links below.


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Personal Finance

In this multi-part workshop, students learn key skills for managing money throughout their life in a hands-on, activity-based learning experience unlike any other. Topics covered include:


  • ​Opening and using a bank account

  • Credit cards, credit scores, and loans

  • Budgeting and saving

Interactive activities include the Nucleus Online Banking Simulator, a student loan affordability exercise, a hands-on budget builder, and Personal Finance Trivia!

Personal Finance
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Real Estate

This workshop introduces key concepts of real estate and home ownership through real technology tools that will prepare students for home ownership in today’s market. Topics include:

  • What real estate is

  • Renting vs. owning a home

  • The steps of the home-buying process

  • Building wealth through home ownership


Interactive activities include a home research and affordability exercise, and the Real Estate Adventure game!

Real Estate
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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

This modern workshop teaches students about exciting new technologies through simulations and activities. Students gain an understanding of how cryptocurrency and blockchain work and gain a balanced perspective on crypto investing.

  • How crypto and blockchain work

  • Why they're exciting and controversial

  • What the future might look like

  • Risks and benefits of investing in crypto

Interactive activities include cryptocurrency research, a Bitcoin mining simulator, and Crypto Trivia!

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
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Stocks & Stock Markets

This workshop takes students on an interactive journey through stock market investing, equipping them with the foundational knowledge they need to get started with building wealth.


  • How stock markets work

  • How to evaluate stock investments

  • Risks and benefits of investing

  • Principles for building a stock portfolio


Interactive activities include a stock research and analysis exercise, and the Nucleus Stock Market Simulator!

Stocks & Stock Markets

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