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Business & Entrepreneurship

Teach students the world of business and how to build a real-life business of their own! Through real technology tools and simulations, students will build tech-powered companies, prepare for industry certification exams, and walk away with tangible business skills and assets.

Featured Engagement Activities

Each Nucleus course features engagement-optimized activities, including real-world simulations, real technology tools, and collaborative group activities in a gamified classroom setting. Highlights of some of our engaging activities for the Business & Entrepreneurship course include:

Shark Tank-Style Investment Pitch Contest

In this exciting Shark Tank-style capstone activity, students get to practice being both entrepreneurs and investors as they pitch their completed businesses to the class and vote on who receives funding based on the concepts they've learned. 

Dynamically Generated Business Plan

Your students’ full business plan is automatically created for them by our proprietary business tool. Our business plan generator pulls from their activity-based work to produce a finished product they’ll be proud of.

Real Technology Experience

Students build a business using the real-life tools modern entrepreneurs are using today, including email marketing tools, graphic design tools, a website builder, and a CRM system.

Entrepreneur Trivia

Students love playing this Jeopardy-style trivia game that helps them review and retain all of the business and entrepreneurship concepts they've learned.

Reviews of the Nucleus Business & Entrepreneurship Course


Course Overview

In this 22-module course, students will gain an understanding of key business and entrepreneurship concepts, and incorporate what they’ve learned into launching and growing a business of their own. There are three sections in this course.



In section I, students will develop a viable business idea and learn how to launch it to the public with real technology. Topics covered include:


  • Intro to Entrepreneurship

  • Business Models

  • Competition & MVPs

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Developing a Brand

  • Craft a Sales Pitch

  • Building a Website




In section II, students learn how to acquire customers and grow a business through marketing, sales, and customer success. The Growth section is great for entrepreneurial students, as well as those interested in a career in marketing, sales, or business management. Topics include:


  • Marketing to Generate Leads

  • Online Marketing

  • Selling

  • The Sales Funnel

  • CRM & Customer Data

  • Email Marketing

  • Customer Lifecycle




In section III, students will create a strategic expansion plan for a business, including hiring, raising capital, tax planning, and more. Key topics include:


  • Basic Finance & Accounting

  • Software & Automation

  • Legal & Tax Planning

  • Hiring & Expansion

  • Pitching Clients & Investors

Aligns to State Standards, Meets Grant Objectives

Our course curriculum is aligned to state standards and meets grant objectives. To learn more, you can view our Business & Entrepreneurship course syllabus.

Crosswalks available upon request. Contact us to receive one for your state.

Students love our Business & Entrepreneurship videos — check out a sample!

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