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Prepare your students for their financial future

In the Financial Literacy Series, students learn essentials skills to help manage their finances and build long-term wealth throughout their lives. The courses cover fundamentals—such as saving, banking, and budgeting—plus more advanced topics on how to grow money by making smart investments in stocks, real estate, and even cryptocurrencies.

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Explore our financial literacy courses

Featuring four short courses and 10 total modules of engaging content, our financial literacy series can be implemented all together as a complete series, or broken up into individual courses depending on your program's needs.

Personal Finance

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In this 4-module course, students learn key skills for managing money throughout life:


  • Opening and using a bank account

  • Credit cards, credit scores, and loans

  • Budgeting and saving

Interactive activities include the Nucleus Online Banking Simulator, a loan affordability exercise, a hands-on budget builder, and Personal Finance Trivia!

Stocks and Stock Markets

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This 2-module course gives students foundational stock market knowledge, including:

  • How stock markets work

  • How to evaluate stock investments

  • Risks and benefits of investing

  • Principles for building a stock portfolio

Interactive activities include a stock research and analysis exercise, and the Nucleus Stock Market Simulator!

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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The 2-module Cryptocurrency & Blockchain course teaches students about these exciting new technologies:

  • How crypto and blockchain work

  • Why they're exciting and controversial

  • What the future might look like

  • Risks and benefits of investing in crypto

Interactive activities include cryptocurrency research, a Bitcoin mining simulator, and Crypto Trivia!

Real Estate

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The 2-module Nucleus Real Estate course introduces key concepts of real estate and home ownership, such as:

  • What real estate is

  • Renting vs. owning a home

  • The steps of buying a home

  • Making money through home ownership

Interactive activities include a home research and affordability exercise, and the Real Estate Adventure game!

Students love our Financial Literacy course videos — check out a sample!

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