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About Nucleus

Founded by three entrepreneurs and CEOs with unique skill sets and backgrounds in science, technology, and education, Nucleus is optimized for success when it comes to teaching students about today's cutting edge industries. We've combined the best teaching methodologies with the latest technology tools to create an interactive, engaging, and hands-on education experience that is among the industry's best.


The idea for Nucleus was born after we were invited to a national educational conference and we met a group of students discussing the robotics competition that they had been actively participating in. The students were boasting about the robots they built, the teams they assembled, and how many late nights they had spent at school working on their robotic projects. These students were inspired, passionate, and very knowledgeable. We had no doubt in our minds that their experience with robotics would set up them for a successful career in one of today's leading industries. We decided that more students deserved the opportunity to learn about these incredible new technologies, and we wanted to deliver this education to them in a way that was fun, engaging, and inspiring.


This was the inception of Nucleus and we launched our first robotics course shortly thereafter. Since then we've expanded our course offering to include other topics including entrepreneurship and financial literacy, while still using our proprietary, fun and experiential approach to learning.


Today's students value experiential learning more than ever and they want to be an active participant in the learning process, not a passive bystander. Students already spend up to ten hours per day using technology, and given the massive growth in the technology sector, providing our students every possible advantage to succeed in today's competitive world is of critical importance.


It is our duty as educators to connect with our students to enrich their lives and cultivate their curiosity and passion. At Nucleus, we inspire students to enter a variety of today's leading career paths every single day through our engaging courses and collaborative, activity-based lesson plans. Nucleus is here to change our students’ futures for the better. Come connect with us, and let’s change the world together.

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