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The Nucleus Model:
Activity-based "lessons in a box" for educators

Nucleus provides schools and nonprofits with ready-made courses that any teacher or instructor can easily facilitate, either in-person, online, or via a hybrid model. 

The Nucleus Model delivers impactful educational content through proven methods:

  • Fun, engaging lesson videos that simplify complex subject matter

  • Carefully curated review questions & vocabulary to reinforce the video lessons

  • Hands-on activities that emphasize a "learn by doing" approach that students love

  • A user-friendly software platform that enables students to attend class from anywhere

How It Works

computer (1).png

Students log in to the
Nucleus LMS software


Review questions test
students' understanding


Instructor plays a short lesson video

flask (1).png

Hands-on activities build
real-life skills

Engaging Lesson Videos

Colorful characters.​ Animated cartoon sequences. Powerful real-world examples.


As entertaining as they are informative, Nucleus lesson videos convey complex information in a fun, simple way. Students don't feel like they're being lectured to—they feel like they're watching a TV show—and this leads to better retention and enjoyment.

Review Questions & Vocab

The Nucleus Model reinforces what students learn in the lesson videos with both review questions and key vocabulary terms. We stick to the essentials, carefully curating the review materials to hammer home the most important concepts and takeaways students should remember.

Additionally, Nucleus modules include Discussion Questions that prompt students to reflect on their learnings and experiences.

review-question (1).png

Immersive Activities

Nucleus' signature activities set our learning model apart. Once the students have gone through a module's videos and review questions, a hands-on activity takes what they've learned and puts it into practice.

Programming real-life robots, starting a business, building a website, creating a personal spending budget—these are just a few of the things students do during Nucleus courses.

Educators love these activities because they engage the students at a high level; they require no planning, setup, or breakdown; and students can complete them in class or at home.

User-friendly LMS Software

The Nucleus Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy for students and educators to access our educational modules via a simple, user-friendly software platform.

This secure platform can be utilized in any web browser, on any device, from anywhere—enabling students to complete modules in class or at home.

For educators, the Nucleus LMS offers helpful tools for managing classes and overseeing student success.


Why It Works

  • The Nucleus Model makes learning fun—and teaching easy

  • Students build valuable life skills through practical application

  • Educators don't have to plan lessons or study subject matter

  • Learning happens seamlessly across in-class & at-home environments

  • Schools & nonprofits benefit from a scalable, software-based solution 


See Nucleus in action: 
Schedule a demo today!

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