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Activity-based learning for schools & nonprofits

In Nucleus courses, students "learn by doing" either in-person, online, or via a hybrid model, building real-world skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Educators love how these ready-made courses fit into existing programming and are incredibly easy to teach—without extra lesson planning or "homework." 

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What is Nucleus? Take a look!


Fun, engaging content
custom-built for educators

Nucleus delivers interactive, hands-on learning experiences built for educational institutions—with students in any grade level, from middle school to college.


In Nucleus courses, students learn key skills they can use to land high-paying jobs and be more successful throughout their lives. 

Current Nucleus courses include:

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Preparing today's students for tomorrow's career opportunities

Created by a team with a strong background in education, technology, and entrepreneurship, Nucleus gives today's students the tools they need to thrive in our rapidly-changing world.

From developing valuable STEM skillsets to managing money and investments, students emerge from each Nucleus course better-equipped to succeed in the future. The Nucleus model builds foundational principles via video lessons, vocabulary, and review questions—then fosters practical skills through software-based activities that make learning fun.

Why do educators love Nucleus courses?

"Nucleus is the best! Best customer support, great product ... just the best vendor I've ever worked with."

-- Sarah D. Whittle,

Montana State University Billings

"What I’m really excited about is the students. Not only do they remain engaged and excited—this program has also fostered a desire in them to learn more."

-- Zachary Benson,

Itasca Community College Upward Bound

"The class went great! One student came up to me after and said she was so happy she took it ... Overall, they enjoyed themselves and unanimously decided that they want to take Nucleus courses again ALL DAY and for a FULL week next time!"

-- Brandy Dismuke,

Educational Talent Search

"It went really well! The kids enjoyed the content and definitely learned something new.


Thanks for making it so easy for us!"

-- Amy Taylor, MBA,

Washington State Community College

-- April Faieta, Glendale Unified School District


See Nucleus in action: 
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The Nucleus Approach

Trusted by schools and nonprofits all across the country

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